Wave Machine


Sand grooves created by water are frozen rhythms of beauty.
How can such periodical patterns emerge from chaotic waves?
The wave machine is an automaton for the creation of wave driven sand ripples.

It was a gift for the current mayor of Vienna, Dr. Michael Häupl by the Vienna Water Works.
A basin with a sandy soil is smoothed except for a finger drawn line. The basin is flooded.
Two canisters on the narrow side of this basin are alternately filled up with water, so that it starts to tilt up and down. Waves start to run up and down and the current is tearing apart
the initial line, until it starts to self-replicate in more and more pronounced copies, sand ripples!
As the water slowly seeps away the pattern remains. This is a testimonial of natures fundamental ability of self-organization.
These sand ripples form the centre of an asphalt plated table. On a brass sign is written:

“In memory of the free spaces of cities”

FaLang translation system by Faboba