Gerhard Zsambok

Gerhard ZsambokThe internationally renowned artist Gerhard Zsambok is researching and developing paradox phenomena of water since 1988. .
It is bound art as poetry is bound language:
Bound in its form to the limits of physics, in drawings and designs and their feasibility.
From observations analysis and test, sculptures and installations are created that produce; water driven movements between chaos and order,or seemingly impossible manifestations of water.
Phenomena which continuously renew themselves without external influences, water effects which are spontaneously created when the constellation of forces is correct.
Water "plays" and finds its way to wonders.
In a society where the desire to control grows exponentially, these phenomena, these wonders tell the utopian story of unimposed order created by itself, a maybe tempting proposition for all of us.


  • 1992 In Klagenfurt, Berlin, Passau, Budapest, curated by the water works of Vienna.
  • 1993 Château Concordia Vienna
  • 1994 „In the bunker” former emergency operation room of the old "AKH" of Vienna - an initiative of the "Vienna culture sommer"
  • 1997 collective artist event : Works show by 8 artists in the Villa Aurora, Vienna
  • 1999 Solo exhibition House "Wien Energie""Messe Wien" curated by "Verbund AG"
  • „AquaScope“-2 year solo exhibition kinetic sculptures in the glasshouse by architect Boris Podrecca/Danube canal, an initiative of the city of Vienna
  • 2000 „Synergien“, invitation of "Messe Berlin"
  • 2002 Almdudler Art club
  • 2003 Art Innsbruck Villa Toscana, Gmunden
  • Gallery Wohlleb, Vienna
  • 2004 Living Design, Vienna participation with the art collective „Wa(h)re Landschaft“ -an initiative of land Salzburg
  • 2005 Big Anemone Well-Artist initiative land garden fair Bad Hall
  • 2006-2012 Art and Design fair „Unikate Welt“, „Wohnen&Interieur“ (Messe Wien)

Prizes and Awards

  • 2003 for the concept „Pavillon der Wasserkunst“ for the renovation of the Vienna amusement park
  • 2004 Region "Bergisches Land/Germany" -for the concept of a 22 km long hiking trail with kinetic sculptures and installations
  • 2008 nominated for the "Expo Saragossa"
  • 2010 nominated for the "Expo Shanghai" with 5 sculptures

  • Kleinneusiedlerstraße 23
  • 2401 Fischamend
  • Austria
  • +43 664 122 24 86
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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